Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So Frustrated.....

I have two wonderful girls (I almost said little girls, but at ten and eight...they are not so little anymore) who treat people with respect, believes that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and treat all people equal.  With that being said, let me give you a little background.....

Last year my eight year old was attacked at her lunch recess at school.  She was threatened by another girl and that girl then proceeded to choke her out on the playground.  My daughter probably weights less than 50 lbs with a ten pound weight hanging from her pants and the girl who attacked her was easily twice her size.  Not a single adult saw it happen and my daughter had to fight this girl off.  I was not called by the principal immediately after it happening, I actually had to go to her the next morning.  The girl was not suspended, sent home for the day or reprimanded in a way that would show her, bullying, in any form would not be tolerated. 

We fought our school over how they handled the situation and tried to have things changed, but to no avail.  We started this school year with high hopes that some growing up would be done over the summer and things would be different.  Sadly, they have not changed.  My daughters deal with this girl everyday and her cruel taunts.  Her parents either don't care or are not aware of the situation......so now I have a decision to make.

Transfer schools or contact an attorney? 

Have you had any troubles with bullying at your school, and if so, how was it handled?



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    I've, just recently, had some issues with my 13 year old being bullied but for whatever reason, the girls had a change of heart and, surprisingly, the next day they were actually being nice. I was so worried, I hate to see my baby in pain..so I know how you feel. They have a zero tolerance for bulling at her middle school and even have a policeman that is there all day long to help keep watch. Does it stop kids...no, it doesn't. As for transferring schools or a calling a lawyer, I don't know. My daughter didn't want to switch schools, so at that time it wasn't even an option. I didn't want to make her more miserable than she already was. So sorry :(

  2. She is still having issues?? Poor Mar! That makes me angry! :( I hope you get something figured out soon. The school should step in and do something. This is ridiculous!

  3. So sorry that is happening. :( Girls can be so mean! I can't believe the school isn't doing anything. Perhaps contact the superintendent of the school district and let them know? Make sure to document everything, dates, names, times, etc so that you can tell the super. about the events clearly.

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