Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What to Make?

So I have been trying to stick to a crafting budget (which means I'm trying to use up my current fabric stash so I can purchase some more - woo hoo!) and have this hot pink basic t-shirt and fabric. My daughter loves pink (like someone else I know ) and I decided I would make her an outfit.

Out of the circle fabric I made her a simple gathered skirt.  To give it a little more detail, I added some orange binding tape.  Instead of sewing a single row of stitching on the binding tape I sewed two rows of stitching.

Then I decided that I was going to make the plain t-shirt...... a little more girly! I measured my daughters arms and hips with elastic pulled comfortably around her and sewed that into the t-shirt.
It created a wonderful  gathered sleeve and hem.

Here's how the complete outfit turned out.....My daughter loves it! So excited that my 5th grader doesn't care what others think and has her own style. She also loves to wear clothes I make and brags to her
friends about them.

So Adorable!

Now my daughter is not a "normal" girl so to speak.  She loves all things icky!  Not to mention that she is very interested in the human skeleton.  She picked out the skull and cross bones picture and I attached it to the front of her shirt with heat and bond, then top stitched around the skull for added security.

Simple and easy!  She can wear the outfit so many different ways: the shirt with capris, the skirt with a
tank top, etc.......and it cost me nothing to make!.

I just can't get over how sweet she looks.


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  1. It turned out soo cute!! She looks adorable in it!! :)